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Mini Facelift Glasgow

Restore the youthful glow and volume to your face with a mini facelift in Glasgow.

Dr. Darren McKeown offers award-winning Mini Facelift treatments in Glasgow.

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Our founder, Dr Darren McKeown, is renowned for his expertise and artistry with dermal fillers. As a peer-reviewed medical author, he is passionate about treatments that stand up to scientific scrutiny. Above all, Dr McKeown believes in a global approach; delivering flawless results – and rejuvenation that lasts.


Mini Facelift Glasgow



Mini Facelift GlasgowRestore the youthful glow and volume to your face with a mini facelift in Glasgow.

A mini facelift (or short scar facelift) is an operation designed to remove excess skin from the lower face and jawline. It is a less extensive variation of the traditional full face and neck lift treatment and a popular treatment at Dr Darren McKeown’s aesthetic clinic in Scotland.

Of the various types of facelift procedures, this treatment is designed specifically for women between the ages of 40 and 60 who desire a more youthful appearance for their face.

This facelift surgery addresses excess or loose skin in the lower face below the cheek areas, the jawline and, to a lesser extent, the neck. Patients with significant loose skin in the neck normally require a full face and neck lift procedure.

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Mini Facelift Glasgow



Mini Facelift Glasgow
What Happens During a Short Scar Facelift Procedure?

A short scar facelift is a form of cosmetic surgery that can either be performed under local anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation.

At the start of the surgery, some fluid is injected into the face which makes the area go numb and reduces the amount of bleeding and bruising afterwards. The surgeon then makes small incisions just in front of the ears and begins separating the skin from the underlying structures.

How the Results are Achieved

When the skin has been separated, the surgeon then works on lifting the muscle layer under the skin: this is where the real lifting and tightening effect of this facelift surgery is achieved.

The muscle layer is lifted, trimmed, and then sewn back in a smooth and more youthful position. When this has been done, any excess skin on the face is removed and the skin is gently stitched back together.

Through this technique, we can lift and reposition the deeper soft tissues in the face with minimal scarring. It also allows the surgeon to tighten the skin in a way that accentuates the right facial features in a positive way.

Where are the Scars?

The scars are hidden in the natural crease in front of the ears and within the ear itself. With short scar facelifts, an incision is also made in the crease behind the ear. If there is a lot of loose skin on the neck that needs to be removed, the incision may be extended into the hair behind the ears.

Over time the scars should be virtually undetectable.

The exact location of the scar in your individual case will always be discussed with your surgeon before you have your procedure.

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What Is The Recovery Period Like?

There will be some bruising and swelling that is part of the normal healing process, but recovery for this procedure is shorter than that of a full facelift surgical procedure.

There are no stitches to lift or remove as we use dissolvable stitches.

Depending on the extent of the work carried out and the quality of aftercare, most people will be able to go back to normal activities within 7–10 days. Incisions made during the surgery are small and placed inconspicuously.

Before & After: Following Short Scar Facelift Surgery.
Before & After: Following Short Scar Facelift Surgery.

How Long Do The Results Last?

There are many claims about how long a facelift result should last. The most recent research has shown that a good facelift treatment should last, on average, around 5 years. However, this result varies from patient to patient..

Speak to our specialists at the Aesthetic Medicine Institute about your expectations for your short scar facelift surgery.

What Other Procedures Can This Surgery Be Combined With?

If you have some excess fatty tissue under your chin, a small amount of chin liposuction can be performed to improve the appearance of the neck too. Although, depending on your focus and desired results, a neck lift alone could also work for you.

It is also quite common to combine this face procedure with upper eyelid surgery to lift and open the eyes.

While this facelift is ideal for fighting the effects of ageing on the face to deliver tighter skin and a younger appearance overall, younger patients may prefer to start with a non-surgical facelift or a thread lift.

Before & After: Following Short Scar Facelift Surgery.
Before & After: Following Short Scar Facelift Surgery.

What Are The Potential Risks and Complications?

Like any surgery or operation, there is a risk of experiencing side effects and complications. That is why proper aftercare is essential.

There is a possibility of a collection of blood-forming under the surface of the skin on the face, which could require further treatment to remove it. There is also a small risk of wounds becoming infected, especially in patients who smoke.

Occasionally there can be wound healing problems that mean the scars don’t heal as neatly as you would expect. This is more common in patients who smoke. In rare situations, there can be damage to the facial nerve, which controls the movement of the facial muscles.

The ideal candidate for a short scar facelift surgery has healthy skin and natural elasticity in the face area.

Mini Facelift Glasgow



Mini Facelift Glasgow

The experienced surgeons and aesthetic experts at Dr Darren McKeown’s leading aesthetic clinic in Glasgow are passionate about delivering results that are in line with each patient’s individual needs and desires.

Whether you want to surgically tighten skin, lift certain areas that are prone to sag and the effects of gravity, or even perform a non-surgical facelift treatment, look no further than the Aesthetic Medicine Institute.

Restore Your Skin’s Natural Elasticity with Dr Darren McKeown

We are experts in reversing the signs of ageing through aesthetic rejuvenation, and we are with you through the entire process — from the initial consultation to the aftercare.

We offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments at our aesthetic clinic. Some of these include jowl lift treatments, IPL photorejuvenation treatments, eye lift treatments, and many other aesthetic & cosmetic treatments.

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Mini Facelift Glasgow