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Your journey at Mckeown Medical

At McKeown Medical we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service.

Not stuffy, intimidating or overpowering, but the kind of service that makes you feel relaxed and taken care of, confident that your every need will be tended to while you are with us.


Starting your journey

The first step is to get in touch! Our patient relationship managers are here as your first point of contact and will be with you throughout your journey with us. They are a valuable source of information and support, and will help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

When you make your initial enquiry, your patient relationship manager will get in touch to understand more about your needs and concerns. They may also ask you to send in some photographs of the features you are looking to improve.

Once they have all of your information, they will discuss your case with our medical team to get some initial ideas on the best treatment options for you and your concerns, as well as guidance on which of our doctors may be best suited to treating you.

Your patient relationship manager will then get back in touch with you to get your thoughts on your doctor’s suggestions. They’re armed with a wealth of knowledge about our practice and the treatments we can offer, and are able to answer most of your initial questions.

When you’re ready, they’ll book your consulation with your doctor and guide you through what happens next.


Coming to the clinic

Moments from the bustling Buchanan Street, our central location is easily accessible for those coming from nearby or further afield.

Before you come to the clinic your patient relationship manager will send you some forms to fill out ahead of your appointment. These forms collect information on your background and medical history, as well as some details on your concerns to help us to understand more about your needs ahead of your consultation with your doctor.

When you arrive at the clinic you’ll be greeted by our friendly team who’ll confirm your details and invite you to sit in our serene waiting room before your consultation.

For your first consultation, it is helpful if you don’t wear makeup to allow us to make the best assessment of your appearance and the condition of your skin, which is an important part of your aesthetic assessment.


What is the experience like?

We know coming to the clinic for the first time can be daunting. Here are some of our recent patients talking about their experiences.


Your consultation

When you come to your surgical consultation, the first thing your doctor wants to understand is what concerns you about your appearance and how it impacts you.

It’s crucial that your surgeon has a proper understanding of what specifically bothers you about your appearance so that they are able to thoroughly explain to you what your treatment options are.

When we talk to you about the treatment options available to you we want you to know all of the details: what the procedure is like, what the recovery process is like, how long you can expect to be out of action for, as well as discussing all of the risks of surgery, so you can make fully informed decisions. Although we discuss all of these risks in detail, its important to remember that we will also be doing all we can during your procedure to minimise the chances of any of these things from happening.

After your initial consultation for a surgical procedure, there is a mandatory two week cooling off period before your surgery date so that you have the time and space to take in the advice and make your decision. In practice, it is usually a couple of months between your initial consultation and the next available surgery date – so there is no rush or time pressure to proceed.


Meet your consultants

Meet your consultants

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Your procedure

We perform all of our surgical procedures as outpatients which means you will go home after your procedure to recover at home.

Before you go, we will keep you in the clinic for a short while to make sure you feel OK and we also like you to try and eat and drink something before you leave.

When you go home, you will need someone to drive you and take care of you for the first night.


See a procedure in action

See a procedure in action

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Following up

After your procedure we pride ourselves on taking the best care of you to ensure you get through the healing process and achieve the best possible outcome.

Although the healing process is usually quite straightforward and predictable, little hiccups are common so we like to see you regularly following your procedure to identify any healing issues early and take care of them whilst they are still minor.

When you are through the initial healing period, we will invite you back for further follow up appointments in the months ahead to check on how your results evolve as the longer-term part of the healing process evolves.

It is common to have minor wound issues that require additional attention. By keeping a close eye on you during your recovery period, we can make sure that any issues are caught early and addressed before they get a chance to develop into anything significant.

We keep you under our care until you have achieved the outcome we set out to achieve and make sure you are happy with the decision to undergo surgery. “


Supporting your journey at every step

Throughout your journey with us we are here to hold your hand and do whatever we can to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for you.

No two individuals are the same, and so no two journeys are the same either: we are here to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, tailoring your journey to your needs – all co-ordinated by your own patient relationship manager.

Are you ready to start your consultation?

Finding the right treatment for you is the most important factor in ensuring that you are on the correct path to achieve the results you desire. Our pre-consultation enquiry helps us to identify your needs and, ultimately, gets you on the right path to achieving your optimal results.

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