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A strong, well-defined chin is perceived as a sign of youth and beauty. This is why it is quite rare to see a face that is perceived as young and attractive — male or female — that does not have a strong and well-defined chin and jaw.

A strong, well-defined chin is perceived as a sign of youth and beauty. This is why it is quite rare to see a face that is perceived as young and attractive — male or female — that does not have a strong and well-defined chin and jaw.

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Every patient is unique, and during our consultation process, we work with you to develop a bespoke treatment plan based on what you want to achieve.


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Up to 2 years


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Patient Testimonials

Deficiency of the chin and jawline is a common problem that leads to facial disharmony and can lead to early jowl formation. Hear how correcting the chin improved our patient’s profile, and her self confidence.

How Does It Work?

Chin augmentation & shaping with filler injections

A strong, well-defined chin is perceived as a sign of youth and beauty. This is why it is quite rare to see a face that is perceived as young and attractive — male or female — that does not have a strong and well-defined chin and jaw.

However, as we age, the lower jaw shrinks and we lose projection and definition of the chin. As a result of the jaw bone becoming smaller, the overlying soft tissues have less structure and support — and so the skin appears loose and saggy.

Restoring lost volume to the chin can significantly impact facial appearance, improving the facial contours & proportions and reducing the appearance of loose and lax skin. One of the best ways to do this without surgery is with a chin augmentation injection using HA fillers.

This is an example of a patient in her 20s who underwent advancement of her chin to improve her chin and jaw profile.

Enhance Natural Beauty & Restore Lost Volume with Chin Fillers

Chin filler treatments using hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are suitable for men and women. Patients typically fall into two groups.

The first is a younger group made up of people with a congenitally small chin, which means that their original chin appearance is too small for their face, leading to a disproportionate appearance. For this, volume can be added to either increase the chin’s projection to make it vertically longer or to re-shape an unattractive chin contour. A combination of these is often required to achieve the most attractive facial contour and proportions.

The second group is older and comprises those who have simply lost volume due to ageing. For this group, the aim is to restore facial volume loss and create younger looking skin.

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See a chin augmentation in action at McKeown Medical.

Patient Reviews

Read reviews from our patients about their experience at McKeown Medical. 

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Chin / jaw filler

Dr Darren McKeown

From £650

Dr Rhona Cameron

From £600

Dr Darren McKeown

Dr Rhona Cameron

Chin / jaw filler

From £650

From £600

What to Expect

What Is Non-surgical Chin Augmentation With Filler Injections?

A chin enhancement with filler injections aims to improve the overall appearance of your face & skin and combat the signs of ageing without surgery.

On the chin, a dermal filler treatment is used to restore lost volume and enhance the contour of the lower face. We achieve this with hyaluronic acid (HA), which is injected into the soft tissues around the chin and jaw to add volume, thus replacing weakness with a youthful definition in the treated area.

Is It Safe To Inject Hyaluronic Acid Into The Skin?

Facial fillers with HA can create a sculpted chin safely and effectively.

Hyaluronic acid is our preferred choice for filler for the chin and other parts of the face because of more than just its effectiveness. It is also, in our opinion, the safest type of dermal fillers because it is identical to our own naturally occurring hyaluronic acid and can be reversed if the patient is not satisfied with the appearance or if they develop a complication.

We only use products from major leading pharmaceutical companies like Allergan and Galderma.

How Is A Chin Filler Procedure Carried Out?

Dermal filler treatments for the chin are usually carried out using a micro-cannula injection technique.

This usually means that just one single needle puncture is required on each side of the chin before the cannula is inserted and the filler material deposited according to the desired result.

There is very little pain or discomfort associated with the procedure, which is usually complete in under 15 minutes.

Example of jaw & chin treatment with the volumetric facelift

Does A Filler Injection Change Your Facial Appearance?

A facial filler treatment can subtly or significantly change your face shape without surgery, which is why it is a very popular treatment – it’s ability to be tailored to your requirements.

By restoring lost volume, the treatment allows the skin to sit in a more youthful position – with fewer signs of ageing. The results of chin fillers of course can vary from person to person, and depend on the shape of your face.

Common Questions

What are the benefits of injecting dermal fillers into the chin?

There are many reasons to get dermal fillers for the chin. Some of these include:

  • Long lasting anti-ageing results (up to 24 months)
  • Easily & effectively soften lines and wrinkles as you age
  • Enhance the contours of the face without surgery

How long does it take to see results?

You will see results almost instantly, but they will improve over a few weeks as the hyaluronic acid integrates into the tissue of your skin.

Is a chin filler treatment a painful procedure?

You normally feel the first sharp scratch of the injections. However, when the cannula is introduced under the skin you usually only feel movement rather than pain. The filler material contains a local anaesthetic so it numbs as it goes. Most patients therefore only experience very minor discomfort.

What is the recovery period for facial fillers?

After getting facial fillers injected into the skin, there may be some mild redness and swelling around the treated area. However, most people can resume normal activities immediately because it doesn’t require surgery, so there is almost no downtime.

How long will the side effects last?

Dermal fillers are tolerated well in the chin area and have little to no side effects, but if bruising or swelling does occur, it should only last up to 10 days after the treatment. It is likely to be much less noticeable than treatments on other parts of the face (e.g. lip fillers) because the skin is less sensitive on the chin area.

How long do chin fillers last?

The results of using facial fillers to replace lost volume and restore natural facial features typically last up to 2 years, although this can vary from person to person.

With almost no downtime required, dermal filler treatments are a flexible solution to improving the appearance of the chin and enhancing the natural appearance.

Your Expert Team


Dr Darren McKeown

Our founder, Dr Darren McKeown, is renowned for his expertise and artistry with dermal fillers. As a peer-reviewed medical author, he is passionate about treatments that stand up to scientific scrutiny. Above all, Dr McKeown believes in a global approach; delivering flawless results – and rejuvenation that lasts.

Medical Director

Dr Rhona Cameron

Dr Rhona Cameron is a skilled injector who has been extensively trained in Dr McKeown’s signature intuitive technique. Her treatments blend advanced facial optimisation with powerful, energy-based devices – such as lasers, BBL and radio frequency – energising the appearance and enhancing skin health. approach; delivering flawless results – and rejuvenation that lasts.

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