Simple & Effective Spider Vein Removal

For a non-surgical spider vein treatment in Glasgow with one of Scotland’s leading aesthetic specialists, choose Dr Darren McKeown.

Our spider vein treatment options target the broken blood vessels showing through the skin on the face and other parts of the body, such as the legs.

We can tailor a treatment plan for spider veins that utilises state of the art techniques such as laser and light. Our laser treatment for veins on the face or leg area is done swiftly with the option of using a topical or local anaesthetic for maximum comfort.

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What is a Spider Vein?

Spider veins are broken capillaries (also known as telangiectasia) found near the skin’s surface that appear as fine lines surrounded by redness.

Where Do the Veins Occur?

As we age, spider veins can begin to appear as fine red or pink lines on the face and the lower leg and ankle area.

The typical locations where facial spider veins occur are on the skin around the nose and across the cheeks, chin, and central forehead. When these fine veins appear elsewhere on the body, it is usually on the legs.

Chat to our specialists to understand how we treat leg veins and facial veins differently.

What Are the Causes of these Veins?

There are a few causes behind these delicate veins showing through the skin on the face and legs.

One of the most common causes is sun damage built up from years of sun exposure or extended periods spent outdoors. Other possible causes include obesity, trauma, genes, hormone fluctuations and excess alcohol consumption.

Regardless of what could have caused this in your specific case, our experts will be able to advise you on the best treatment for your skin.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Spider Veins

Based on the severity of the appearance of your veins, our specialists will create a treatment plan that works for you.

Contact Dr Darren McKeown to start your spider vein treatment in Glasgow. When you book your first consultation for your veins treatment at our clinic, our experts will outline the way forward for your treatment in the short and long term.

Vascular Laser

Vascular laser therapy is one of our highly effective treatments for reducing the appearance of thin red blood vessels.

What to Expect from Vascular Laser Treatment

This type of laser therapy is popular for veins and broken blood vessels because it is one of the most minimally invasive treatments.

While it effectively removes the veins, laser therapy may initially cause slight bruising and redness on the skin. This can be difficult to disguise and may take a few weeks to clear.

Because the broken blood vessels that show up as red veins have a habit of recurring, this laser treatment will most likely need to be repeated after a couple of years, depending on the severity of your facial or leg veins.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

IPL is very similar to laser therapy when it comes to reducing the appearance of broken capillaries. While IPL is almost as effective as laser, it also boasts the added benefit of not requiring downtime, as it does not cause bruising. This is a state of the art method for spider vein removal in Glasgow.

What to Expect from IPL Therapy

The main difference between IPL and laser therapy is the type of light used. IPL works by directing light onto the dead veins or broken blood vessel area so that the pigments are destroyed without harming the tissue surrounding it.

IPL is highly effective as a broken blood vessel treatment for removing veins. However, as with laser therapy, the broken vessels may recur after some time, so IPL should ideally be repeated. We recommend treating leg veins and facial veins again after a couple of years.

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