Restore Face Volumetry with a Volumetric Facelift


Volumetric Facelift Glasgow

For an effective non-surgical facelift in Glasgow, volumetric facelifts are an innovative new way to rejuvenate the entire face without the downtime of surgery. The technique draws upon years of experience in facial aesthetics and an advanced understanding of the facial ageing process.

How this Non-Surgical Facelift Fights the Signs of Ageing

As we age, it is not only the skin and soft tissues that change — the face’s lines and features change too. The basic shape of the underlying facial skeleton changes with loss of bone projection and coarsening of the facial features, causing the face to lose its youthful appearance.

Rather than simply using dermal fillers to ‘fatten’ the face, a volumetric facelift involves injecting fillers on top of the bone to restore the lost projection and create a younger looking facial shape.

Dr Darren McKeown offers this 8-point non-surgical facelift in Glasgow.

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Dr. Darren McKeown

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Our founder, Dr Darren McKeown, is renowned for his expertise and artistry with dermal fillers. As a peer-reviewed medical author, he is passionate about treatments that stand up to scientific scrutiny. Above all, Dr McKeown believes in a global approach; delivering flawless results – and rejuvenation that lasts.


Volumetric Facelift Treatments


Volumetric Facelift Glasgow

For an effective non-surgical facelift in Glasgow, volumetric facelifts are an innovative new way to rejuvenate the entire face without the downtime of surgery. The technique draws upon years of experience in facial aesthetics and an advanced understanding of the facial ageing process.

The objective of the procedure is to restore volume to the face in a ‘lite-touch’ way that creates a more revitalised facial structure that looks youthful, but completely natural.

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Which Parts of the Face can be Treated?

We all age differently, but to varying degrees most patients will find there is a loss of volume in the same places. These include:







Mouth area

Volumetric Facelift Glasgow

In order to achieve a natural and harmonious result, it is best to address the age-related changes as a whole rather than focus on trying to tighten individual features that then end up looking out of sync with the other features. A volumetric facelift done in this way delivers a younger and more natural look without you having to undergo a surgical procedure.

Volumetric Facelifts vs Traditional Surgical Facelifts

Both the volumetric facelift and the traditional surgical facelift have advantages, which will depend on each patient’s unique situation, the amount of lost volume, and the results you are wanting to achieve with the facelift procedure.

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Volumetric Facelift Procedure

The volumetric facelift has a number of advantages over a traditional surgical procedure, but the main advantage is that it is a non-surgical procedure, completed in around 1 hour, with virtually no downtime.

While a surgical facelift predominantly improves the lower jaw and neck area, the volumetric lift treatment improves every aspect of ageing in the face, including lines and wrinkles on the forehead, eyelids, cheeks, and lips, as well as deeper lines and wrinkles that would not normally be improved by a non-surgical procedure.

Moderate Improvement With a Volumetric Facelift Treatment

If your main complaint is general ageing and lost volume with some jowl & neck laxity, and you are happy to accept a moderate degree of improvement in the jowls and neck, then the volumetric lift is an excellent option for you.

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Volumetric Facelift Glasgow

Traditional Facelift Procedure

In contrast to the volumetric facelift, a surgical procedure will generally provide a better degree of improvement in the jawline and neck — which can be important for patients who desire more dramatic results.

Maximal Improvement With a Traditional Surgical Facelift Procedure

If your main concern is a heavy jowl and neck area and you would like to achieve maximal improvement in the lower face and neck, then a surgical facelift would be more appropriate for your goals, as it can significantly reduce sagging in this area.

A Combination of Both Facelift Procedures

If you would like to achieve maximal improvement in both the jawline and neck, as well as all of the other features of the face affected by ageing, then a combination of the volumetric lift with a traditional surgical facelift may be the best option for you.

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Filler Treatments


Permanent vs Temporary
Dermal Fillers

Volumetric Facelift Glasgow

Most dermal fillers are temporary and can last anywhere from 3–4 months up to around 2–3 years. Therefore, dermal filler treatments must be repeated to maintain the results and keep those wrinkles and lines at bay. As a result, there has been a desire to develop long-lasting or permanent fillers.

Although permanent fillers may seem attractive, there is real potential for long-term problems with them. Complications with dermal fillers are not common, and with most of the fillers we use, the filler can be dissolved if issues arise.

With a permanent dermal filler, this is not an option. If the filler needs to be removed, it must be done surgically. Even if problems do not arise, your face will continue to age whilst the dermal filler remains the same. This will eventually look unnatural.

For these reasons, permanent dermal fillers are best avoided.

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Asked Questions

What is the material that is injected into the skin during the procedure?

The filler injections we use for our volumetric facelift treatments consist of hyaluronic acid, a structural molecule that we all have present in our skin and soft tissue.

The hyaluronic acid injected for this treatment is identical to our own, which means that the possibility of an allergic reaction is very small.

Juvéderm Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

The brand of hyaluronic acid we use for our dermal fillers is Juvéderm from Allergan. It is the most popular filler used due to the extensive research that has been carried out on it and its excellent safety profile.

Most of the products we use are from the most advanced Vycross range of fillers. The most appealing aspect of this type of filler is that it is reversible. Should you be unfortunate enough to develop a complication in the treated area, the product can be dissolved by injecting an enzyme that breaks the filler down.

Before & After: Following Under Eye Hollow Treatment.
Before & After: Following Nose To Mouth Line Treatment.

How long will the dermal fillers last?

With Vyrcross products, the results are expected to last up to 2 years.

You will begin to notice the results fade a little towards the end of this period, but it is a gradual process which involves the body breaking down the hyaluronic acid and naturally resorbing it. If you allow the product to break down completely and your face to go back to the way it was before, it would probably take much longer than 2 years.

Maintenance procedures

By around 2 years, most patients will be at the stage where they will feel the need for further maintenance procedures.

What volume of filler will I need to achieve the best results with my volumetric facelift?

The volume will depend on a number of factors, including your age, the health of your skin, and your facial anatomy.

In general terms, it is possible to use anywhere between 6ml and 15ml to treat a full face, but whether you need a large or small amount will be discussed during your consultation.

Before & After: Following Cheeks Treatment.

What is the best treatment for me?

The best treatment option for you will depend on your anatomy, ageing experience, and the results you hope to achieve. To begin the process towards full face volumetry, it is best to come in for a consultation to discuss your needs with one of our doctors.

If you live a long distance from the clinic, it is possible to start the process by using our private online consultation facility. This allows you to explain your initial concerns and upload photographs which will then be reviewed by one of our doctors to make initial recommendations.

Before & After: Following Temples Treatment.

Full Facial Rejuvenation with a Liquid Facelift in Glasgow

When it comes to skin, Dr Darren McKeown and his team are at the forefront of aesthetic medicine in Scotland and are experts when it comes to facial rejuvenation without surgery. For a liquid facelift that has helped many happy patients rejuvenate their skin, the Aesthetic Medicine Institute in Glasgow is a leading clinic for this type of aesthetic treatment.

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Volumetric Facelift Treatments by Aesthetic Experts

While restoring volume in specific areas on the face, the objective is to create a natural result that also looks attractive. This is where the techniques, artistic eye, and experience of the practitioner administering the treatment becomes vital — as they make subtle changes to the facial proportions to create a younger looking appearance and more youthful glow.

Your skin is in good hands at Dr Darren McKeown’s clinic. We have treated many happy patients who are thrilled to have discovered the wonder of fillers. Choose a non-surgical volumetric facelift in Glasgow with one of Scotland’s leading aesthetic practitioners for a treatment that will turn back time on your skin ‘naturally’, without surgery.

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Volumetric Facelift Glasgow

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