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Lip Fillers

We offer Lip Filler procedures from our clinic in Glasgow.

Full, sensuous lips are perceived as a sign of youth and beauty.

As we age, the lips lose their natural volume and the mouth area begins to look tired and older. Injection of fillers into the lips can help to reverse these changes, enhancing the lips and create a fuller and more youthful look to the mouth.

Many women are scared of having lip injections because they see so many bad examples of people who have had bad lip fillers. Poor results however are almost exclusively the result of poor injection technique:

done well the results should look subtle and natural, and no one should be able to spot that you have had the treatment done.

Injecting the lip is one of the most technically challenging areas of the face to inject dermal fillers into and get right. Just the right amount of the right product has to be inject in a very precise tissue plane in order to create a look that is natural and harmonious. The challenge is that the result needs to look good not only when the face is at rest, but when the face is moving too. It takes a lot of experience to be able to get this balance just right: that’s where our decade of experience in lip enhancements with fillers is key.


Footage taken at The Aesthetic Medicine Institute Glasgow | Dr Darren McKeown

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The Lip Filler Procedure

The lips are the most sensitive area of the face to inject and typically swell up more than any other part of the face.

It is best to schedule your lip filler appointment when you have a few days with not much on.

Most of the initial swelling will go down in a couple of days, although it can take up to a fortnight for everything to completely settle into place. This is a procedure it is ideal to have on a Friday evening, so that most of the swelling will have settled by the time you go back to work on Monday.

How long do the results last?

Filler in the lip typically lasts a long time. It is not uncommon for the product to remain in your lips for over a year.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with lip fillers is to underestimate how long the filler lasts. People get used to the way the filler looks, forget what they looked like before, think it is all gone and then want to go back for more. This leads to a build up of product in the lip and gradual overcorrection: don’t fall victim to this. For most people, lip fillers should be a once per year treatment.

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