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Scar Revision Glasgow

Say goodbye to depressed scars with laser scar removal at our Glasgow clinic, McKeown Medical, where Dr Darren McKeown offers non-surgical and surgical treatments for scar revision in Glasgow.

Dr Darren McKeown offers a range of Scar Revision treatments in Glasgow.

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Our founder, Dr Darren McKeown, is renowned for his expertise and artistry with dermal fillers. As a peer-reviewed medical author, he is passionate about treatments that stand up to scientific scrutiny. Above all, Dr McKeown believes in a global approach; delivering flawless results – and rejuvenation that lasts.


Scar Revision Glasgow




Scar Revision Glasgow

Depressed scars can be difficult to hide, especially when they are on your face or other visible parts of your body. It can knock your self-esteem whenever you see this scarring and make you feel isolated or not want to be seen.

Deep scars are typically caused by burns, cuts, and sun damage, but one of the most common forms of scars on the body are a result of acne. While many get through the hormonal years fairly unscathed, others are left with acne scarring and marks that simply refuse to heal by themselves over time. This is why many people look into scar revision — and our clinic offers several effective treatments to remove scars and give you better skin.

As one of the most sought after cosmetic clinics in Glasgow, we have the expertise to advise on the best scar revision treatment plan for your skin and the advanced technology to ensure the best possible results.

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What is a Depressed Scar?

A depressed scar is made up of sunken skin that has left a dent in the skin. It is the result of damaged soft tissue that comes about after trauma to the skin.

Several scar revision treatments can help restore the skin tissue and minimise the appearance of depressed scars on the face and body to make your skin look and feel rejuvenated again. Most scars are permanent, but we can certainly find the right depressed scars treatment to reduce their appearance and restore your confidence.

Whether you have a depressed forehead scar or acne scars on your cheeks, the best treatment for your scar will depend on your hopes for the end result. We will discuss this with you during your consultation at our cosmetic clinic in Glasgow.


We offer several non-surgical scar revision procedures at our Glasgow clinic, whether you’re looking to reduce acne scarring or you need a C-section scar laser treatment. Our non-invasive treatments for scars include:

Scar Revision Glasgow

As a non-invasive scar treatment, scar removal by laser is especially effective for superficial acne scarring. At McKeown Medical, we offer various laser procedures, and the best laser treatment for your scars will depend on your needs and aesthetic goals. One powerful combination we employ involves the Sciton Contour TRL and Sciton ProFractional laser for scar removal.

Our approach starts with the Contour TRL, which removes the entire surface layer of the skin, focusing on the areas with the most severe scarring. We then use the Sciton ProFractional device to stimulate collagen synthesis in the deeper layers of the skin. Collagen is a protein that plays a role in the strength and elasticity of your skin, so an increase in collagen can assist with minimising scarring.

For certain types of laser scar removal at our Glasgow clinic, we use the advanced Sciton HALO device, designed to maximise the results and minimise the downtime of laser therapy for scars.

Delivering both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to treat the epidermis and deeper dermal layer, this powerful hybrid fractional laser scar treatment is capable of boosting collagen production and addressing every inch of your skin for a truly meticulous treatment.

A noticeable difference is typically seen within days after using the HALO laser for scarring and it takes roughly 14 days for most of our clients to see significant improvements in skin complexion and texture after a HALO laser scar revision.

Scar Revision Glasgow
Scar Revision Glasgow

For those in need of a non-invasive scar revision in Scotland that has no downtime, we can add depressed scar filler under your scarring to help even the surface. This technique can be surprisingly effective at reducing the appearance of depressed scars.

Using filler as part of a depressed scar treatment does not take out the scar itself, but it does reduce the indentation behind the scar, which has a significant impact on decreasing the visibility of scarring.

Using dermal fillers for a scar revision treatment involves injecting filler under the skin in the cheeks, chin, nose and the area around the mouth. After a facial scar removal treatment like this, most scars will have a reduced appearance and start to look better within weeks.

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Each surgical scar revision procedure at our cosmetic clinic is carried out with the utmost care. These scar treatments include:

Surgical Excision and Scar Revision

A surgical scar excision is the traditional method of scar revision. A scar revision surgery like this essentially involves injecting a local anaesthetic, cutting the scar out, and re-stitching it neatly. It is considered minor skin surgery.

If you’re looking for a clinic you can trust for a surgical scar removal or scar reduction surgery, McKeown Medical is one of the top aesthetic clinics in Glasgow, here to help you find a solution that will leave you comfortable in your skin again.

Post surgery

After your scar revision procedure, your skin will be a bit swollen. The puffiness and swollen skin will start to subside after a few hours, but you will only start to see real results about a week after this permanent scar removal surgery.

The recovery time varies from patient to patient and depends on the scars you want removed, but recovery is typically not very long for this minor plastic surgery treatment.

Over time, the neat stitching will result in a better scar than was present previously.

Scar Revision Glasgow

Scar Revision Glasgow


What to Expect During the Treatment

Scar Revision Glasgow

Before your Consultation

There are a few things that are good to think about before considering scar revision.

What kind of results are you hoping for? Does the scar tissue impact your daily life? Are you aware of the various non-invasive and invasive options that are available for scar reduction and removal? Is your self-confidence impacted by the permanent scarring?

These are all questions to consider when booking a consultation for a scar correction at our clinic.

During the Consultation

The best treatment for you will depend on the type of scar you want to be removed and your procedure preferences. During your consultation at our clinic, we will discuss the different scar removal options with you, as well as what to expect from a scar tissue removal or scar reduction treatment.

You may need to have some very minor surgery done to get the full extent of your scar removed, but the ultimate decision on how to treat your scars will be left up to you.

Post Treatment & Aftercare

Your surgeon will have a specific treatment plan drawn up for you and will go through all the dos and don’ts regarding your scars and recovery after the surgical procedure.

Certain treatments for scars may take several sessions for you to see the results, but you will certainly notice a clear difference and gain back some of your body confidence.

For the best scar revision in Glasgow, book your treatment with Dr Darren McKeown at McKeown Medical.

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