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Laser Hair Removal Glasgow

We are excited to be the first in Scotland to take delivery of the new market leading hair removal technology from DEKA Lasers – the Motus AX.


Dr. Darren McKeown offers permanent Hair Removal treatments in Glasgow.

Dr. Darren McKeown

Medical Director


Our founder, Dr Darren McKeown, is renowned for his expertise and artistry with dermal fillers. As a peer-reviewed medical author, he is passionate about treatments that stand up to scientific scrutiny. Above all, Dr McKeown believes in a global approach; delivering flawless results – and rejuvenation that lasts.


Motus AX Technology



Laser Hair Removal Glasgow

We are excited to be the first in Scotland to take delivery of the new market leading hair removal technology from DEKA Lasers — the Motus AX.

This state of the art laser system has been designed with Moveo technology to offer treatments that are fast, effective and completely pain free!

Excess body hair can be an embarrassing condition for many people, particularly those who have hormone imbalances such as that caused by polycystic ovaries. Laser hair removal using Motus offers a permanent reduction in hair growth with a course of treatment.

Our highly trained team work hard to deliver silky smooth results that last. Right now, we are offering a free consultation and test patch on laser hair removal – a saving of £80. We are also offering 25% off the cost of a course of treatment.

Laser Hair Removal



Laser Hair Removal Glasgow

There are hundreds of different brands of laser that you will have no doubt read about while researching your laser hair removal options. All of these laser systems use similar technology, but the alexandrite, diode and Nd:YAG lasers are all capable of hair removal.

The universally accepted gold standard laser for hair removal is the Alexandrite. No other laser type is as fast or effective in removing hair.

In recent years, however, diode lasers have become a more popular choice because of new technology that allows them to work in a ‘pain free’ mode. But now, the scientists at DEKA have become the first in the world to create a hair removal laser that can deliver the powerful results of an Alexandrite but in a pain free mode. This allows us to offer pain free hair removal that is also fast and effective.


Frequently Asked Questions

The laser can only remove follicles that are actively growing at the time of treatment. Because not all follicles are growing all the time — some are in their resting phase — a course of repeat treatments is required to target the remaining follicles

For most people, 6 treatments set 4–6 weeks apart is optimal. Occasionally, up to 8 treatments may be required, but the norm is 6 for most people. This contrasts to 10–12 sessions that are commonly required with other devices.

You can also have the treatment year round, even if you have a tan in summer.

Most laser treatments require your skin to be free from tan (both real and fake), which means you normally have to try and fit them into the winter months. The Motus AX laser, however, is the first system in the world to be approved to treat tanned skin, which means you can continue your course of treatment through the summer — even if you have a tan.

Yes. Before investing in the technology, our clinic founder (Dr Darren McKeown) tried the treatment for himself.

He normally finds hair removal agonising and instead described the Motus as feeling ‘like a pleasant, warm sensation’ with no pain.

Yes, it can! Historically, the alexandrite laser was too strong to be used on darker skin types and could lead to burns. However, the scientists behind the Motus AX have developed a method that allows us to use the system at a lower pulse rate, which means we can also treat darker skin too.

This is the first system in the world that uses the Alexandrite laser to safely treat darker skin types from Fitzpatrick 4–6.

Yes. Although adverse reactions are uncommon, we always start by doing a test patch to ensure that the settings and laser react well together with your unique skin type. Provided the test patch is clear, we can start the treatment the following week.

Whilst anecdotal evidence suggests laser treatment during pregnancy may be safe, this has never been properly investigated in a clinical trial.

Because the health and well being of your little one is so important, this is something we would strongly advise against.

Before the treatment, we ask you to try and shave the area to be treated the day before treatment. This allows a little bit of hair regrowth so we can see the colour and texture of the hair.

Please do not pluck, wax or use depilatory cream since these can affect the root of the hair that the laser needs to destroy.

Following treatment, the skin will be a little sensitive for the first couple of days. You may find that applying some soothing gel, like aloe vera, can help. It’s also important to wear sun protection after the treatment, to prevent you from developing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Do not use any harsh skincare products on the treatment area (e.g. retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids, or physical exfoliants) for two weeks before you go for a laser hair removal session.

Before & After: Following Laser Hair Removal Treatment.
Before & After: Following Laser Hair Removal Treatment.


During the course of a laser hair removal treatment, and for four weeks after the treatment, make sure your skin is protected with at least SPF30 if you are going to be exposed to direct sunlight.

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