Surgical and Non-Surgical Jowl Lift in Glasgow

Sagging jowls are one of the most common complaints that motivate women to come to an aesthetic clinic.

There are a number of underlying causes that lead to the formation of jowls on the lower face: gravitational changes; loss of fat in the upper cheek; shrinkage of the jaw and chin bone. Consequently, there are several treatment options, such as thread lifts, that can be used to tackle sagging jowls.

When it comes to treatments for sagging jowls, there are many options available. We offer a range of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic medicine solutions to suit each individual’s preference. Whether you’re interested in thread lifts or facial fillers, we have a treatment for you.

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Non-Surgical Treatments for Jowls

If you want a treatment that is minimally invasive and allows you to return to your normal activities the next day, a non-surgical jowl lift treatment is for you. We offer a variety of treatments for jowls that can be used individually or collaboratively with other treatment options.

Our non-surgical jowl treatment solutions include:

Thread Lift

A thread lift is a less invasive way to lift the jowls. Although thread lifts have become very popular again in recent years, the effects of a thread lift can be limited and patient selection is absolutely key. The thread lift procedure is better suited to younger women in their late 30s or early 40s where the jowl formation is minimal.

Cheek Filler

Cheek filler is a great option for lifting the appearance of the cheekbones. Restoration of volume loss in the cheek and mid-face area can help to improve the appearance of the jowls.

Chin Filler

As we age, the chin gets smaller. Improving the projection of the chin using filler injections can help to improve the appearance of the jowls.

Wrinkle Filler

Sometimes injecting filler directly in front of the jowl – in an area known as the ‘pre-jowl sulcus’ – can help to camouflage the appearance of the jowl. A good wrinkle filler that is done correctly can last up to 24 months.

Energy Based Skin Tightening

Using heat energy to stimulate the deepest layers of the skin to contract and tighten is a more recent option in the treatment of jowls. The most effective energy system we have tried in our clinic is called Profound RF. It delivers radio frequency to the deeper parts of the skin for accurate and controlled collagen stimulation and can deliver impressive results. The effects of this are not as good as a surgical treatment, however, it is a good option for people who wish to achieve improvement in their jowls but are unwilling to undergo surgery.

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Surgical Treatments for Jowls

Patients with more severe jowl sagging or those looking for a more permanent solution could benefit from our surgical jowl lift treatment, including:


Facelift surgery is the classic, definitive treatment for the improvement of jowls. A surgical facelift involves tightening the loose muscles that cause the jowls, as well as removing loose skin from the jawline. A surgical facelift can provide more than just treatment for jowls and is a great option for people looking for the full package of face and neck rejuvenation.

What Causes Sagging Jowls?

There are a number of things that can cause jowls to sag. Generally, it’s as we age that our jowls start to become problematic for many people. The most common causes include:

Loss of Elastin & Collagen

One of the most common causes of sagging jowls is the loss of elastin and collagen in the face and neck area. This is a naturally occurring effect of growing old and is pretty much unavoidable with the use of natural methods.

Genetic Factors

Unfortunately, for some, it is through no fault of their own that they develop jowls. Some people are genetically predisposed to developing them worse than others.


Lifestyle and environmental factors can also come into play.

Facial Expressions

If you regularly pull certain facial expressions that stretch out the skin on the face and the neck, you could loosen the skin more than it would already. However, there are some facial exercises you can do to try and reduce the effects of ageing jowls.

Weight Loss

Jowls are essentially loose skin around the jaw and neck, so people who have undergone extreme weight loss can end up with jowls due to there being too much stretched, excess skin.

Sun Exposure

Having too much exposure to UV rays from the sun can affect the collagen in the skin. The production of this collagen suffers and, as a result, more prominent jowls can develop.


It’s no secret that smoking is bad for you and that it doesn’t just affect your general health but your appearance too. Smoking stops key nutrients from getting to the skin. This can lead to premature ageing and a series of other issues.

Frequent Use of Computers and Smartphones

If you are constantly looking down at a computer or phone for long periods of time, you may want to rethink. This can make the skin lose its elasticity a lot quicker and cause the skin around the neck to sag.

Advantages of Getting Treatment for Jowls

There are many advantages to getting a jowl treatment, whether it’s non-surgical thread lifts or surgical facelifts. Some of these advantages include:

Makes You Look Younger

Getting treatment for sagging jowls can help you look younger. Whether you opt for just a jowl treatment or a full facelift, you will leave the clinic feeling refreshed and like a new person.

Can Improve Confidence

Many people opt for a jowl treatment because they are unhappy with the way it looks and have lost confidence due to it. Confidence doesn’t and shouldn’t just come from looks, but you can’t deny that when you look great you feel better. Get the spring back in your step with a jowl treatment in Glasgow.

Natural Looking

We pride ourselves on giving all of our patients natural-looking cosmetic treatments, whether it’s facial fillers or thread lifts.

Minor-No Scarring

For our non-surgical jowl lift treatments, such as thread lifts, scarring will be pretty much non-existent. The only scars that could occur from this would be from injections, but this will be minute and unnoticeable to the naked eye.
If you do decide to opt for the surgical treatment, we will do our best to ensure that your scarring is minimal. We will also provide you with a post-treatment plan to help reduce scarring with minimal risk to the healing of the affected area.
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