Sagging Jawline

Sagging jawline (sometimes referred to as jowls) is one of the most common complaints that motivate women to come to an aesthetic clinic.

There are a number of underlying causes that lead to the appearance of saggy skin along the jawline: gravitational changes; loss of fat in the upper cheek; shrinkage of the jaw and chin bone. Consequently, there are a number of treatment options that can be used to tackle the problem.

Non-surgical treatments for sagging jawline inlcude:

We offer a variety of different non-surgical treatments for jowls that can be used individually, or collaboratively with other treatment options. Our non-surgical treatment solutions for jowls include;

Thread Lift

A thread lift is a less invasive way to lift the jowls. Although threads have become very popular again in recent years, the effects can be limited and patient selection is absolutely key. The thread lift is better suited to younger women, in their late 30s or early 40s where the jowl formation is minimal.

Cheek Filler

Restoration of volume loss in the cheek and mid face area can help to improve the appearance of the jowls.

Chin Filler

As we age, the chin gets smaller. Improving the projection of the chin, using filler injections, can also lead to an improvement in the appearance of the entire jawline.

Wrinkle Filler

Sometimes injecting filler along the jawline, directly in front of the jowl – in an area known as the ‘pre-jowl sulcus’ – can help to camouflage the appearance of the jawline.

Energy Based Skin Tightening

Using heat energy to stimulate the deepest layers of the skin to contract and tighten is a more recent option. The most effective energy system we have tried in our clinic is called Profound RF, which delivers radio frequency to the deeper parts of the skin for accurate and controlled collagen stimulation and can deliver impressive results. The effects of this are not as good as a surgical treatment, however it is a good option for people who wish to achieve improvement in their jawline but are unwilling to undergo surgery.

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Surgical Treatments for sagging jawline.


Facelift surgery is the classic, definitive treatment for the improvement of sagging along the jawline. The procedure involves tightening the loose muscles along the jaw, as well as removing loose skin from the jawline.

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