Eye Bag Removal in Glasgow

Bags under the eyes is something that normally happens to all of us, eventually.

Whilst we all may get them eventually, the underlying cause of the bag varies from person to person and so the best treatment for each person will vary – depending on what the cause is in your particular case.

Typically, as we age, the skin around our bottom eyelids becomes loose. The eyelid can lose volume, leading to a hollow ridge at the junction between the lower lid and the cheek – called the ‘tear trough’. The muscle below the eye can become more lax, and fat that normally lives behind the eye can pop forward creating bulges in the lower eyelids. 

Non-surgical treatments include:

Tear Trough Filler

Also known as a Non-Surgical Eye Lift, this treatment only addresses one of the causes of the notorious under-eye bag, namely the hollow ridge at the junction between the lower lid and the upper cheek. Typically when this is done however it can help to camouflage some of the other causes of bags and even to treat dark circles under the eyes.

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Surgical treatments include:

Lower Eyelid Surgery

This treatment is an eyelid surgery that can remove loose skin, muscle and fat from the area around this eyelid. Performed under local anaesthetic in our state of the art clinic in Glasgow, the Lower Eyelid Surgery is the opposite of the Upper Eyelid Surgery, which removes excess skin from the upper eyelid area to reduce the appearance of droopy eyes.

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