Crow’s Feet Reduction to Get your Smile Back

Dr Darren McKeown offers crow’s feet treatment in Glasgow using award-winning filler

The skin beside each eye is one of the most commonly treated areas for anti-wrinkle treatments. The expression lines next to the eyes that are known as crow’s feet occur due to lifestyle factors and ageing, but also expressive reactions such as laughing. They are common in men and women and typically start to appear in your 20s.

While these facial lines are a natural part of getting older, some people may not like how their face looks with these lines. Fortunately, various treatments can easily reduce or completely remove crow’s feet.

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What are Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet are lines and wrinkles at the outer corner of the eyes. Repeated contraction of the underlying ‘orbicularis oculi’ muscle causes the eye area to bunch up when we smile and use more intense facial expressions. Over time, these wrinkles in the corner of the eyes can become imprinted in the skin, becoming crow’s feet.

Crow’s feet develop naturally due to zealous facial expressions, but lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, nicotine consumption, stress, and even dehydration can exacerbate their development on the skin.

Restoring your Natural Beauty

When it comes to removing crow’s feet around the eyes, the Aesthetic Medicine Institute offers surgical and non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatment options. We offer safe and effective anti-ageing treatments that can soften wrinkles, revitalise skin, promote collagen production, fight the signs of ageing, and give your face a more natural-looking youthful appearance.

With our anti-wrinkle treatments, you no longer need to hold back your smile. Whether you are looking for minimally invasive filler injections or a surgical solution for crow’s feet, the experts at our clinic in Glasgow will find the best anti-wrinkle treatment plan for you.

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Non-Surgical Treatments for Crow’s Feet

Anti-wrinkle injections and laser treatments can be exceptionally effective in treating the fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area associated with ageing, sun damage and lost volume in the skin. Filler for crow’s feet is a very popular option because it offers the least discomfort and downtime.

Facial Filler Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections work by using tiny hyaluronic acid injections to relax the muscles around the eye. These anti-wrinkle injections help restore lost volume in the skin, making it one of our most popular treatments for other areas on the face too.

For most people, dermal fillers are an effective treatment for crow’s feet that significantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the least discomfort. Usually, only the deepest wrinkles won’t improve with this treatment option alone.

If you are interested in using dermal filler injections or Botox to get rid of crow’s feet, chat to one of our experts about the difference between hyaluronic acid and Botox and the latest in dermal filler and crow’s feet removal technology.

Wrinkle Filler Injections

These eye wrinkle injections differ from the general dermal filler injections in that they are generally reserved for the deepest wrinkles on the face — those that do not respond to anti-wrinkle injections alone.

Rather than targeting the muscles around the eyes, these fillers for crow’s feet work by plumping up the skin under the deeper wrinkles.

This eye wrinkle treatment works best in conjunction with dermal fillers for the most natural results. The dermal fillers work on fine lines & wrinkles, while the wrinkle fillers work on the skin beneath the deeper wrinkles.

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Fractional Laser

CO2, or fractional laser, is considered the gold standard of anti-ageing & anti-wrinkle treatments for everything from sun damage to lost volume in the face.

While traditional laser resurfacing burns the entire surface of the skin off, the CO2 laser works by burning only the top layers of the skin, which generates a healing response. More recent advances in fractional technology mean that only a small percentage of the skin’s surface is removed using microscopic laser beams. This still retains the effect of stimulating a healing response with increased collagen production and promises a shorter recovery period.

We use the CO2RE from Syneron-Candela, which works in full field and fractional mode. We normally use it in fractional mode when treating sun damage and age spots, but we are also experienced in using a combination of medium and deep settings based on the skin’s condition.

The downtime from this procedure is usually around one week and the benefits are usually noticeable after just one session. Two or three sessions are typically required to achieve optimal results in more severe cases.

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Surgical Treatments for Crow’s Feet

The surgical approach can be an effective alternative to non-invasive anti-wrinkle injections and laser treatments for a once off treatment with long-lasting and natural results. A surgical treatment is typically better suited for severe crow’s feet.

Eyelid Surgery

Unlike anti-wrinkle injections and laser-based anti-wrinkle treatments, eyelid surgery can reduce the amount of skin surrounding the eyelids, thus reducing the appearance of crow’s feet.

Although eyelid surgery is excellent for removing bags and loose skin in this area, the effect on crow’s feet is usually more limited. This means that surgery is best when chosen to treat the larger eye area rather than just crow’s feet.

Choosing the Best Treatment Option

Your skin deserves only the best, and at the Aesthetic Medicine Institute, you can rest assured that our specialists are dedicated to giving you back your youthful smile at the end of your anti-wrinkle treatment plan using only the best treatment options.

From dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to surgery that enhances your natural beauty, our experts will assist you in finding the crow’s feet wrinkle treatment that works for your unique situation. Don’t let the symptoms of ageing get under your skin.

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