Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are lines that occur at the outer corner of the eyes.

They are caused by repeated contraction of the underlying ‘orbiucularis occuli’ muscle, which causes the eye area to bunch up when we are smiling or laughing. Over time, these wrinkles can become imprinted in the skin around the eye – a process which is often exacerbated by sun exposure and nicotine consumption.

Non-surgical treatments for crow’s feet include:

Injections of Facial Filler

this treatment works by relaxing the muscles around the eye. For most people, this will create a significant improvement in the appearance of the wrinkles. Only the very deepest wrinkles will usually not improve with this treatment alone.

Injections of Wrinkle Fillers

this treatment works by plumping up the skin under the wrinkle. This is normally reserved for the deepest wrinkles that do not respond to other treatments alone.

Fractional Laser

This is broadly considered to be the gold standard treatment for advanced sun damage. The CO2 laserworks by burning the top layers of the skin off, which in turn generates a healing response. Traditional laser resurfacing burns the entire surface of the skin off. More recently advances in ‘fractional’ technology means that only a percentage of the skins surface is removed, using microscopic laser beams. This has the effect of still stimulating a healing response, but with a shorter recovery period afterwards. The CO2 laser we use is the CO2RE from Syneron-Candela, which has the ability to work in both full field and fractional mode. For treating sun damage with age spots we normally use it in fractional mode, typically using a combination of medium and deep settings. The down time from this procedure is usually around one week. You will normally notice a benefit from this treatment after one session, although occasionally two or three sessions are required to achieve optimal results in the most severe cases.

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Surgical treatments for crow’s feet include:

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery can reduce the amount of skin surrounding the eyelids, which can in turn reduce the appearance of Crow’s feet. Although eyelid surgery is excellent for removing bags and loose skin, the effect on Crow’s feet is usually more limited.

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