Excess Sweating Treatement (Hyperhidrosis)

We offer Hyperhidrosis treatment from our clinic in Glasgow.

Excess sweating is a common condition which affects both men and women, affecting up to 3% of the adult population. The condition can affect the entire body, although often it affects very specific areas such as:






Excess sweating can be a source of embarrassment and distress for some people, particularly in social circumstances.

It can be caused a number of medical conditions such as an overactive thyroid or as a side effect of a number of medications. In the majority of cases however no cause is found and the excess sweating is thought to be the result of an over-active nervous system. The diagnosis of ‘hyperhidrosis’ is made when the degree of excess sweating inhibits your social functioning so, for example, if the amount of sweating in your hands stops you from shaking someones hand or if the amount of sweating under your arms prevents you from wearing certain items of clothing.

Treating Excess Sweating

Treating hyperhidosis has always been challenging.

In the first instance it is useful to use strong deodorants, although for many people this is not effective. Iontophoresis has also been recommended for treatment of hyperhidrosis: this involves passing an electrical current through the skin to reduce the activity of sweat glands and it is said to be effective in around 70% of people. In rare cases surgery to either reduce the activity or nerves or to remove sweat glands has also been indicated.

New product for excess sweating

The introduction of a new toxin to treat excess sweating has been revolutionary for many people.

The miracle treatment is a neurotoxin that, when injected in small doses, can block the transmission of signals from nerves to sweat glands, inhibiting the excretion of sweat. It is very effective in over 95% of people who are treated with the drug. The treatment is carried out by performing a number of small injections in the affected area. It takes around 2 weeks for the effects of the drug to begin and the effects typically last anywhere from 3 to 9 months before the sweating returns. The main potential side effect of using the product for this purpose is that it can cause compensatory excess sweating in another (previously unaffected) part of the body. This side effect however is very uncommon, and would wear off over time.


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