Thin Lips

As we age, our lips typically lose volume. The loss of volume, and change in shape of the mouth can lead to a sad, tired or angry appearance.

Restoring some of the volume loss in the lip area can result in a rejuvenated, fresher and happier appearance.

This is the most common reason women request treatment for thin lips – not to achieve big lips, but to restore what has been lost through age. Occasionally, some younger women who are unhappy with their naturally think lips request that they are augmented to achieve a more sensuous look.

Non-surgical treatments for thin lips include:

Injectable Fillers

Injectable facial fillers are the most common way to restore volume to the lips. They allow a relatively quick and easy procedure that is temporary and reversible should you change your mind. Although lip fillers often get a lot of bad press, done well – by the right practitioner – the results should be completely undetectable. The only thing anyone around you should notice is a naturally beautiful lip and smile.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer involves removing fat from one area of your body (normally the tummy) and injecting it into the lips. The advantage of this technique is that you are using your own tissue to achieve the augmentation. The downside is that the fat can be quite unpredictable, it doesn’t always survive, the downtime can be quite extensive and complications (such as lumps or unevenness) can be very difficult to correct. Because of the safety and predictability of injectable fillers by comparison, we no longer offer fat transfer as a procedure in our clinic.

Lip Implants

Lip implants are hard materials, usually made from silicone or gortex, that can be inserted in both the top and bottom lips. Because the implants are made of a solid material, they typically reduce the amount of movement in the lip and so have now fallen out of fashion.

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Surgical treatments for thin lips include:

Face and Neck Lift Surgery

This treatment works by removing loose skin and tightening the underlying muscles of the face. This is typically reduces the appearance of some of the deeper lines and wrinkles, although it is common to combine it with other filler injections afterwards to reduce the remaining wrinkles.

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