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Thin Lips

Restoring some of the volume loss in the lip area can result in a rejuvenated, fresher and happier appearance. This is the most common reason women request a treatment for thin lips – not to achieve big lips, but to restore what has been lost through age.

Dr. Darren McKeown offers restorative thin lip treatments in Glasgow.

Dr Darren McKeown

Dr. Darren McKeown

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Our founder, Dr Darren McKeown, is renowned for his expertise and artistry with dermal fillers. As a peer-reviewed medical author, he is passionate about treatments that stand up to scientific scrutiny. Above all, Dr McKeown believes in a global approach; delivering flawless results – and rejuvenation that lasts.


Thin Lip Treatments

Treatments for Fuller Lips with Natural Results

Thin Lips

Our lips and the skin around the mouth typically lose volume as we age. This loss of volume and change in the shape of the mouth can lead to a sad, tired, or angry appearance.

Lips are one of the most popular facial features women want to enhance, usually because of a lack of confidence in their appearance. Restoring some of the volume loss in the lip area can result in a rejuvenated, fresher, and happier appearance.

This is the most common reason women request a treatment for thinning lips — not to achieve a big lip size but to restore what has been lost through age. Occasionally, younger women who are unhappy with their naturally thin lips want them augmented with advanced skin treatments to achieve a plumper, more sensuous look.

Non-surgical treatments such as hyaluronic acid lip fillers can address thinning lips and give you a fuller look that doesn’t cause the mouth to look unnatural. These lip fillers can plump the skin in a way that makes the result look completely natural.

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Fuller Lips without Surgery

Non-Surgical Treatments
for Thin Lips:

Injectable Fillers

Injectable facial fillers with hyaluronic acid, such as Juvéderm, are the most common way to restore volume to the lips. This is because lip plumping injections allow a relatively quick and easy procedure that is temporary and reversible if you change your mind.

Although the use of lip fillers on thin lips often gets a lot of bad press, done well — by the right practitioner — the results should be completely undetectable. The only thing anyone around you should notice is a naturally beautiful lip and smile.

Our thin lip fillers are made with hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance produced in the body. HA decreases over time due to a range of factors, commonly ageing, sun exposure, and vitamin deficiencies. Hyaluronic acid lip fillers offer considered a more ‘natural’ way to fix thin lips without surgery.

Dermal fillers are suitable for men and women with all skin types.

Thin Lips


What causes lip thinning?

Anyone can experience thinning lips because our bodies produce less collagen over time, which causes skin to lose volume. When thinking of collagen, typically we refer to the rest of the facial skin but often forget that our lips also have a layer of extremely sensitive skin.

A reduction of collagen in the lips and hyaluronic acid production in the skin usually occurs as a result of ageing and commonly causes a drooping and receding effect. This can also happen for many other reasons, including a lack of hydration, overexposure to the sun, vitamin B deficiencies, and even cold weather.

What are the symptoms of thinning lips?

Lip thinning occurs when the upper lip flattens and loses its natural curve, which supports the philtrum (the midline groove of the upper lip). When this occurs, the columns of your lips will become less defined.

More symptoms of thinning lips include a loss of volume in the marionette area of your mouth, which causes a downward slope and flattens the lips. Any loss of structure in the centre part of your lips will also result in thinner lips. At this point, you should consider lip fillers.

How can I prevent volume loss for naturally thin lips?

There are a few ways to prevent volume loss in the lip area, but these methods won’t be as effective forever due to the natural ageing process.

To keep your lips fuller for longer, you need to keep them healthy and hydrated. This can be done by drinking enough water daily, avoiding smoking, using a sun-protective balm when exposed to UV rays, and eating a diet filled with foods that contain a wide variety of nutrients.

Are dermal fillers safe to inject along the lip line?

Thin lips injections are extremely popular because they are non-invasive and temporary. However, although dermal filler injections are safe, they should still be administered by a specialist who has experience injecting filler into the lips.

Our clinic only uses Juvéderm, an injectable dermal filler with a hyaluronic acid base. Since hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, some people may only experience mild side effects like swelling for a few days.

Is Juvéderm effective as a dermal filler treatment for thin lips?

Dermal fillers are a good option for anyone who wants to get fuller lips without surgery. Fillers with Juvéderm can last up to 12 months when injected properly by aesthetic specialists.

Fillers don’t last forever, but if administered regularly, you can have lips that look fuller and don’t lose their plump shape over time. Typically, most patients find they need a touch up every 12 – 18 months.

Most of our patients only need one lip filler treatment once a year.

What is the downtime of using dermal filler injections for lip treatments?

Lip injections for thin lips require no downtime and may only cause some mild side effects in some people. The side effects of lip fillers can include swelling or bruising on the lips or on the skin around the mouth, but this usually subsides after a few days.

For most of our patients, it’s best to book your fuller lips treatment on a Friday to allow enough time for any side effects to subside before work on the Monday.

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Why Dr Darren McKeown?

If you want to safely address thinning lips and get effective results without surgery, you have come to the right place. Dr Darren McKeown is one of Scotland’s leading aesthetic doctors and one of the most experienced practitioners with hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatments.

Dr Darren McKeown has over a decade of experience but is also well known for dermal filler treatments and has even won awards for it.

Along with lip filler for thin lips, we also offer a range of other filler treatments, including cheek fillers, nose fillers, tear trough fillers, chin fillers, nasolabial fold fillers, and even a non-surgical facelift using fillers.

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Thin Lips