Rough Skin Texture

Rough skin texture is often associated with sun damage.

It can also be associated with natural changes in the skin after the menopause when the drop in oestrogen levels results in thinning of the skin. The most simple treatment for rough skin texture, is simple moisturiser. Sometimes you need to work your way through a few different brands before you find one that really works with your skin type. For most people that will be effective. In some situations however, where simple measures don’t work, the following treatment options can help.

Non-surgical treatments for rough skin texture include:

Light Chemical Peels

A course of lighter chemical peels can sometimes be used to treat sun damage. A lighter chemical peel is one using a more dilute acid, so it does not penetrate as deeply. Consequently, these have a much more rapid recovery with people usually returning to work straight away. There is normally some dry skin and peeling around days 3 – 5, although it is usually not significant enough to stop people going about their normal day-to-day activities. Normally a course of 3 or 4 treatments would be suggested, one each week. The philosophy behind this treatment is that the constant inflammation produced the more minor peels results in more collagen remodelling in the deeper layers of the skin.

Injections of Facial Filler

This works by relaxing muscles under the skin, which are responsible for some wrinkles. Face fillers are typically most effective for wrinkles in the upper face, on the forehead and around the eye area.


A derma roller is a rolling device that has hundreds of small needles attached to it. It is rolled over the skin a number of times, creating thousands of needle incisions in the skin. The theory is that this stimulates a healing response, and tissue remodelling, in the deeper layers of the skin. Smaller needles can be used by beauty therapists. When using deeper needles it can be be used by a doctor – along with local anaesthetic – to create better results. There is normally a few days of down time with each treatment. A course of 3 or 4 treatments is usually recommended.


This is beauty therapy treatment that uses fine crystals to blast against the surface of the skin. This creates a nice exfoliating effect on the skin, and can give the skin a nice glow (similar to what you would achieve from using a glycolic cleanser or facial scrub). This is a very superficial technique with limited results.

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