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Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

We Offer Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping From Our Clinics In London And Glasgow.

Non-surgical nose reshaping takes advantage of a recent trend in rhinoplasty to ‘rebuild’ rather than ‘remove’ tissues when reshaping the nose.

The procedure is ideal for people who are looking for

subtle changes to the profile of the nose,

without wanting to go under the knife.


What Happens During The Procedure?

During the procedure a series of injections are made to build up different parts of the nose.

Typically, if there is a bump on the bridge of the nose some filler can be placed above and below the bump to either reduce or eliminate the appearance of the bump. Filler can also be used to improve the projection of the tip, giving the nose a slightly more upturned and feminine shape.

  • Dr Darren McKeown

What are the limitations?

The procedure works best for people who are looking for small changes to the nose.

If you have a very large nose, or are looking for dramatic changes to your nose then a traditional surgical rhinoplasty may be a more appropriate option.

Nose Reshaping
Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

How long do the results last?

The effects of the filler vary from person to person although most people typically need their first re-do about one year after the first treatment.

How long do the results last?

The effects of the filler vary from person to person although most people typically need their first re-do about one year after the first treatment.

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping
Dr Darren McKeown

Clinical Research

I published my first paper in a medical journal, the British Journal of Cancer, in 2004 whilst I was still in my final year of medical school. Since then I have continued to work on aesthetic medical research.
Dr Darren McKeown

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“This procedure was totally pain free and I feel like it took 15 years off me.

Every woman needs to have Dr D in their life”

Liz AlemanoA Dr Darren McKeown Client

I can’t believe how quick & easy it was. I am so, so impressed by the results.

Once again Dr D over-delivered on his promises

JRA Dr Darren McKeown Client

Thank you Darren for today, well looked after in your clinic from start to finish and so down to earth and made me feel at ease would highly recommend.

V. ThomsonA Dr Darren McKeown Client

Darren is the only person I trust to touch my face and I am always confident of a superb and natural-looking result and my expectations being honestly managed. Such a stylish and comfortable clinic too with 5 star client service from all his super friendly and glamorous team. Every woman should have a Dr Darren in their lives! Thank you so much.

P. McCallumA Dr Darren McKeown Client

Although extremely apprehensive and never having had any fillers before because of a fear of needles and on ethical grounds, I have to say, I was elated to discover that after going ahead with the treatment, it was as promised, the feeling of a tiny scratch or like a little pin prick. I don’t do pain very well, so it was more than a big deal for me. I was made to feel very welcome and at ease. Darren answered every question honestly and most importantly, I never felt rushed or pressured into anything. I’ll definitely be back! Thanks again.

S. CuerdenA Dr Darren McKeown Client

Fabulous at what he does and a true gentleman. He really cares about his work and patients.

F. Donaldson

Very professional treatment from a very professional doctor. Can’t wait to go back. Thanks Dr Darren. My first time and was made to feel so at ease. Wonderful staff.

J. HollidayA Dr Darren McKeown Client

Darren is a lovely, friendly Dr who instantly makes you feel at ease. Have used a few other cosmetic clinics & definitely think Darren is the best!

D. LaffertyA Dr Darren McKeown Client

Really happy with my lips! Darren is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable as I was quite nervous. Would definitely recommend and will be back in the future!

S. HackettA Dr Darren McKeown Client

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