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Design of the new hairline is one of the single most important aspects of any hair restoration procedure, and its one area we pay particular attention to in our clinic.

Dr. Darren McKeown offers natural-looking Hairline Design treatments in Glasgow.

Dr Darren McKeown

Dr. Darren McKeown

Medical Director


Our founder, Dr Darren McKeown, is renowned for his expertise and artistry with dermal fillers. As a peer-reviewed medical author, he is passionate about treatments that stand up to scientific scrutiny. Above all, Dr McKeown believes in a global approach; delivering flawless results – and rejuvenation that lasts.


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Lateral Slit Technique
Although the temptation may be to design a very low and very flat hair line, this is rarely – if ever – advisable. The hairline you have transplanted will be with you for the rest of your life and it is essential that it not only looks natural when you are young, but when you are much older too.
As well as choosing an appropriate height and shape for the hair line, it is important to avoid making it too straight. One of the biggest tell-tale signs of a transplanted hairline is one that goes straight across in a perfect line: such a straight line never exists in nature and is a dead give away of a hair transplant.
As well as creating a natural height and shape, we also build in ‘micro-irregularities’ into the design of the hair line so that it looks completely natural and there are no ‘tell-tale’ signs of surgery.

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Lateral Slit Technique