Hair Transplant Recovery Process

The recovery following hair restoration can be variable. In general, the more grafts you have and if you have the FUT rather than FUE procedure, the longer the initial recovery will be.

The day after your procedure there will generally be some scabbing at the sites where the new grafts have been placed. Regardless of the number and technique, these scabs will generally take one or two weeks to fall off and it is important that you allow this process to happen naturally rather than pick them off.

There will also be some swelling on the forehead. In general, the more grafts you have, the worse the swelling on the forehead will be. At the time of surgery we will inject some steroid medication to help reduce this. We will also normally give you a short course of steroid tablets to take following surgery to help reduce it. In general, most patients will find that their swelling has gone within a week although in some cases (aprox. 2%) the swelling will be more severe and can take 2 weeks to settle. During this part of the recovery it is normal to experience some pain and we will also provide you with medication to help control this.

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Recovery Timeline

If you have had a strip / FUT procedure, the stitches or staples will be removed at 2 weeks following the procedure.

2-4 Weeks Following The Surgery

At 2-4 weeks following the surgery the hairs that have been transplanted will normally start to fall out. This is completely normal and is due to the follicles going into the resting phase of their growth cycle: don’t worry, this is completely normal. Eventually, all of the transplanted hairs will fall out.

3 Months Following The Surgery

Around 3 months after your procedure, the new hairs should start growing again. Initially the new hairs will be few and far between. They may also look quite fine, delicate and it is quite common for the initial growth to be asymmetrical. Again, this is all completely normal. Occasionally, as the hairs start to re-grow, you may find you get some in-grown hairs. These will gradually resolve themselves.

6 Months Following The Surgery

By around 6 months after your procedure you should begin to notice some strong regrowth of the transplanted follicles. Slowly the hair should begin to thicken and the density of the new hairs should begin to improve.

12 Months Following The Surgery

By around 12 months you should notice very strong re-growth and you will be starting to see the final results of the procedure although it takes up to 18 months to see the full results. At 18 months, the hair growth should be complete and the calibre of hair should have reached its peak.


I published my first paper in a medical journal, the British Journal of Cancer, in 2004 whilst I was still in my final year of medical school. Since then I have continued to work on aesthetic medical research.

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