Dense Packing

One of the most important aspects of achieving a natural and convincing hair transplant is the density of the transplanted hair follicles. We feel that attention to density is one of the most important features that is often overlooked in hair restoration surgery. Where possible, the goal of the procedure should be to achieve a natural and full head of hair rather than simply making the patient looks less bald.

A natural, full head of hair typically contains a density of 70-80 follicular units per square centimeter. Hair loss however typically doesn’t become visually obvious however until the hair loss has reached around *50% of the original density. In practice, this means that a density of above 35 to 40 follicular units per square centimeter should create the illusion of a full head of hair.

In previous years it was felt that grafting at higher densities was dangerous and could lead to the increased risk of graft loss. More recently it has been shown that it is safe to graft at densities up to 50 follicular units per square centimeter without significantly compromising on graft survival.

In our clinic, one of the key objectives in helping us to achieve a natural result is focusing on achieving a natural looking hair density. In practical terms, where there is enough donor hair to make it possible, we aim to achieve a density of 50-60 grafts per square centimeter at the front of the hairline and a density of 35-40 grafts per square centimeter behind this.

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