Brands of Toxin

There are currently three different brands of botulinum toxin licensed for cosmetic use in the UK. The first, and oldest, is called Vistabel, the next is Azzalure and the most recently introduced is called Bocouture.

There is great debate over which brand is best although my feeling is that it is not a simple case of one brand being better than the other: they are simply different drugs and have different clinical effects. This is especially true for Azzlaure which has a much broader zone of diffusion in comparison to the other two brands.

I find this really useful in areas where I want to have a broad effect, for example around the crow’s feet and in the frown lines.

In other areas however, where I want to have a more restricted effect – especially on the forehead – Vistabel or Bocouture is my preferred choice. As a result, in any given patient I will sometimes use two different brands of toxin on different parts of the face to achieve the best result.